Updated CX Journey Mapping Process Diagram

In association with the release of our latest CXJM workshop deck, here is an updated version of our CX Journey Mapping Process Diagram that reflects our latest refinements to the process.

This diagram is a simple one-page visual illustration of the five phases of the process and their associated steps.  Alongside each step is a visual reminder of which sticky note color is used, as well as an example entry.

Customer Journey Mapping Diagram
Customer Journey Mapping Diagram

Download links:PDF or JPG

Key differences from our previous CXJM process steps:

1) The Persona, Brand Attributes & Key Trends have all been moved to the front  This provides a clearer overview of these three components, creating a better understanding of their overarching importance when building effective Journey Maps.

2) Teams select one moment need together & one emotional need asindividuals This change helps teams quickly move towards brainstorming the core emotional drivers, which is a key skill we are trying to unlock with participants in our Journey Mapping workshops.

3) Desired new attitude & behavior now come before building CX Design Canvas We've found doing this step before brainstorming innovations really helps focus teams their ideas on things that truly meet the selected transformation impact.

All of these additions are also reflected within the slidedeck that can be found on the CXJM Toolkit page